#003 I Read it on the Internet

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It Must Be True!

What is a Blog? Basically, its a blank page to fill with whatever you want. There are news blogs, food blogs, music blogs, photo blogs, family blogs, opinion blogs, yadda-yadda. People blog for many reasons, I’m not that the best creative writer, which is why I blog, practice makes weak skills stronger.

It’s the irresponsible blogs that post wrong or twisted information about a subject passing it off as truth, real news, or sensationalize tragedy that give blogs a bad name. And sadly, people believe them.

This blog is to pass on some experience, a little advice, and put into writing answers to the questions I often get asked. So, grab your favorite beverage, see if you can spot any movie references, and enjoy… or not, follow my blog (enter your email on right of the page), or not…your choice. But I hope you DO follow me and find my subjects interesting, helpful, and/or give you a good laugh. But, don’t take my word as the only truth, please judge for yourself – The truth is out there.


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#007 The Gumshoe Chronicles

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Over my career I have been hired in positions new to a business, have been sought out to beta test new software (fun!), and cleaned up after several Toxic Thanas. I have earned myself a rep for being a ‘fixer – organizer’. Not glamorous but it keeps life interesting. One thing all those jobs have in common is detective work. A great piece of advice I got in my 20’s from a new employer was…

Make sure you look around and open all the cupboards to see what is there, I’m too busy to be stopped to answer questions.”

I took that to heart and from that day forward I go exploring at every new work environment. I have raised a few eyebrows but never a stern word.

I hired into one job after Toxic Thana abruptly left, leaving a wake of mayhem behind her. Holy cow! I couldn’t find a thing on the first couple days, but after some snooping and heavy detective work we got things back on the right track. But that’s another story.

When thinking about my blog I knew I would have a several detective stories. Sticking with the Girl Friday genre I assigned the 007 slot to my Gumshoe Chronicles. If you like a (office) true mystery, please subscribe to my blog to be notified of new posts and watch for the series “The Gumshoe Chronicles”.

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#666 The Adventures of Toxic Thana

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Thana: Feminine form of Greek Thanatos, THANA meaning Death

I think it’s safe to say we have all worked with or employed a person that turned out to be a toxic addition to the workplace. I don’t think it matters what the job is, these people exist in all walks of life, and all skill levels. There are lots of great blogs out there about toxic employees, I found 5 Types of Toxic Employees, interesting, informative, and to the point. The article is about leading when you have a toxic employee, I think it is worth a read. The author lists these 5 types:

  • The Hot Mess
  • The Slacker
  • The Martyr
  • The Socialite
  • The Sociopath

When I read the traits of “The Sociopath” I was both relieved and frightened, I recently had dealings with a person who fit all of the traits. I was relieved because I’m not alone and frightened because she is not alone! Over the years I have worked with many toxic coworkers, cleaned up after them, and have solutions to share.

In my early 20’s a dining room supervisor gave me a great piece of advice…

Some very grouchy people will come in and will not be happy until they ruin your day. The best way to get back is to smile, be extra nice, and ruin their day.”

For the purpose of this blog, I wanted to wrap all of the toxic people I have met into one Super Villain and give her a name. I came up with Toxic Thana (Toxic Tina was already taken). Thana from Greek Thanatos, meaning Death. Female because the many in my life were female.

Thana is sure to get into mischief, please subscribe to my blog to be notified of new posts and watch for the series “The Adventures of Toxic Thana” to find out what happens.


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