My Mary Kay Story: Quality and Commitment

Hello, darlings! Let me take you on a little journey through time. Picture this: it's the 1980s, and I stumble upon Mary Kay. It was love at first sight—or rather, first swipe. Over the years, I dabbled in other brands, but my heart always drifted back to Mary Kay. The quality, the price—it's unbeatable.

Fast forward to about a decade ago, and I found myself without a local consultant. Cue the entrance of a fabulous lady from a few towns over who became my new go-to for all things Mary Kay. Then, last fall, I was at a Mary Kay Spa day when it hit me like a ray of sunshine: why not represent this amazing company myself? I already know and adore the products, so why not share that love with others?

Skin care is my passion, but let me tell you, I've got the whole kit and caboodle in my briefcase! And that wonderful lady from before? She's now my director—a true testament to the wonderful relationships you build with Mary Kay.

What I cherish most about being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is their commitment to the 'Golden Rule' and their priority on Family, Faith, and then Business. It's more than just makeup—it's a lifestyle, and I'm so proud to represent this incredible company.

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