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Overwhelmed with the stack of papers on your desk? Is your assistant vacationing? Is your business having an exceptional month and the day-to day paperwork is getting behind? Call your Girl Friday.

Girl Friday~n Origin: 1940 - A 'go to' girl; a female who will help you get things taken care of; a female you can rely on when you are in need of extra assistance; a female who acts as a 'jack of all trades' and is capable of doing almost anything; a girl you can count on when you are overwhelmed with your own chores and the duties must be done; a girl who does most of the leg work on a project, but never takes credit.

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Email Madness

I remember my first email account, I checked my email with excitement, and when I had new one in my mailbox “Woo Hoo!”. Those were the days. Now email is so entwined in our life we can’t do without it. We need email for work, paying bills, shopping, travel, school, and even to get the vaccine for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you have a business you can’t do without it, it is an essential part of doing business. And a place for Spammers to try to rip you off.

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A Murder Mystery

How to play a Murder Mystery Game in Your Social Media Group. Playing games in FaceBook party groups is key, you’re having fun, getting some engagement, and the more a member visits the group the more often they see your posts in their feed.

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Crib Notes – Setting Up in FB

Setting Up Facebook
For your Direct Marketing Business. Starting from your personal profile click the group icon and find the create button. Just like the business create button, it may be in a different spot on different devices.

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Trigger Warning

When I decided to add a blog series on my personal blog about my grandparents and their letters to each other around the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, I was pretty excited. What a great way to share my family history.

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Music: Good for the Soul

Do you work for a non profit? I volunteer for one, our Old Bills campaign is “Meet a Member”, it was my turn to blog about me. Please read on. I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated…

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