#001 Morning Mud

Random experiences by the Number

When I took a mandatory typing class my Sophomore year at Azusa High school, it was on an old IBM Selectric. During one lesson, the teacher told the class that when we type a letter for our boss he would draw red lines, circles, and arrows on it then we would have to retype it. I remember thinking no way am I ever going to be a secretary! Never say never. A few years later I was introduced to a Brother Word Processor then, in 1988, I took my first office job. It was for an electrical contractor and supply house, I worked on a networked Zenith with DOS, and I've been doing office work of one kind or another since then.

It is early 30 years later and I've picked up a few things along the way, I worked my way around some office Headaches, and I found ways to live up to seemingly impossible expectations (not always in ways expected). I hope you enjoy my random stories in my "Morning Coffee" Series.

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