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Setting Up Facebook
For your Direct Marketing Business

When I first signed up for my Pampered Chef Business I knew I would be using FaceBook for some on line parties. Then the Zombie Apocalypses of 2020 happened and I was using Facebook more than I imagined! Getting set up to do it was easy, I just need a business page and signed up for some marketing software. I use an app called CinchShare, there are others but for my teaching purposes I will us CinchShare in my example below.

Your Facebook Personal Profile

Now that you are a business owner, your personal profile will reflect on your business. The first thing I did was clean it up! My first rule of thumb is no politics or religion. My next rule of thumb is be nice to everyone. I prefer to friend all my hosts, I tell them they can unfriend me after the party, it makes our lives much easier during the party. AND I have made some friends too! Even if you decide to keep you personal profile private, privacy is an illusion, everything you say and do can absolutely effect your business.. ESPECIALLY if you land in the infamous FaceBook Jail! But that's another blog!

What's in a name?

Before we get started give great thought to your business name and your VIP Group name. Your going to be stuck with them! What you're selling should be clear in your business page name, you will be using your business identity to post in your groups. As you see in the example each of my business pages have an unique name. I picked TetonTrekker's Pampered Chef because my name is very common and I didn't want people finding another Julie Wilson instead of me, so since my personal web persona has been out there for almost 20 years I picked it. In hindsight I should have used the TravelingTrivet, but at the time I had not thought that one up yet.

Spring 2021 update: Facebook made some changes to how we PM party guests so I change my business Page name to Julie B Wilson's Pampered Chef to make PMs less confusing to my guests.

For your VIP group, pick something catchy that reflects your personality. Rule of thumb is keep it short and sweet as possible. Long names are more likely to get typos and are easier to forget. People move on. Originality is important too.

My VIP Web Persona for my Pampered Chef is @TravelingTrivet I added the "Cooking on the Run" as a description in my FB Group  but it is not part of the name in the URL.
My VIP Web Persona for my Pampered Chef is @TravelingTrivet I added the "Cooking on the Run" as a description in my FB Group but it is not part of the name in the URL.

When I grab a name for a website, VIP group, etc, I google it first, there are some questionable sites out there with innocent sounding names, you don't want to have any resemblance to those website titles. I also visit other social media sites to see if my (VIP) group name is taken, if so, I consider another name. Once I decide on the name, I grab it in every social media platform I use. Since I am a Website Power User I also grabbed the URL and pointed it to my recipe page on my lifestyle blog. Click it and give it a try.

Let's Get Started!

This is a basic structure and and task order to work your FaceBook Direct Marketing Business:

graph TD PP((Your<br>Personal<br>FaceBook<br>Profile))--> CB{{Create your Business Page}} ---BP{{Your Business Page<br>This is your business profile and identity<br>Be sure to your business page and your <br>personal profile are admins in all of your groups}} PP --> CG([Create new Groups]) BP --- D([Your VIP Group])-- Attach --- CCV[Cinch Share] CG -- Attach your<br>Business Page -->BP EP -- Recommend -->D BP --- EP([Each Party Group]) EP --- |Attach| CCP[Cinch Share] CCP --> SP(Batch post your setup posts) SP --> HM(Invite Host<br>Make Host a Moderator) classDef fbblue fill:#4267B2,stroke:#fff,stroke-width:4px,color:#fff; classDef note fill:#FFFFDB,stroke:#333,stroke-width:0px; classDef bpost fill:#fff,stroke:#f9f,stroke-width:4px,font-style:italic; classDef pink fill:#f9f,stroke:#fff,stroke-width:4px; class BP fbblue class CCV,CCP pink class PP fbblue class HM note class SP bpost

Creating your Business Page

Now that you have a name, let's get your page set up. Whether you use a mobile device or desktop or something between, Facebook walks you through it. Just find the Business Flag icon, click it, find the create button, and create! The prompts will walk you through it. Be sure to explore and fill out as much as the fields as possible, the more info you have the easier it will be for someone to find you.

Your VIP and Party Groups

Your VIP Group will be your fun place for all your customers. Your Host will have a group of their own for their party. Groups are easy to make, but have rules. You can't have more than 200 groups and if the names are too similar, you might get restricted. Give your Host party group names pizzazz! Try to be as unique as you can but still let the visitors know what you are selling.

Starting from your personal profile click the group icon and find the create button. Just like the business create button, it may be in a different spot on different devices. Once you click the create button you will want these setting for your groups:

  • Privacy - Private
  • Hide Group - Visible
  • Location - Host's City (not address!) or leave blank.
  • Web Address - I make this match the identifying string in the party link.
    • Example Party Link:
    • Example Group Link:
  • Group Color - I use a different color for all my active groups so I don't get confused and post in the wrong party.
  • Badges - Keep default.
  • Group Affiliation - Attach your business page. (You will do this in 2 spots)
  • Group Type - General (IMPORTANT! Do NOT make it a Buy Sell page.)
  • Rooms - Keep default.
  • Social Learning Units - Do nothing.
  • Who can join the group - Profiles and Pages.
  • Who Can Approve Member Requests - Anyone in the group.
  • Who Is Pre-approved to Join - Default (nobody)
  • Who Can Post - Anyone in the Group.
  • Approve All Member Posts - I leave off unless I have a rowdy group that needs moderation.
  • Approve Edits - I leave off unless I have a rowdy group that needs moderation.
  • Linked Pages - - Link your business page. (You will do this in 2 spots)
  • Recommended Groups - Recommend your VIP Group in all your party groups.

Attaching a Marketing App

In your group setting find the advanced settings and click the pencil next to Apps. Search for CinchShare (or which ever one you use) and add the app. That is it! Easy Peasy.

Batch Post Your Setup Posts

Using your marketing app post all your set up posts BEFORE you invite anyone to the group. You don't want to overload your guests on day one. Time them out at least 15 minutes, I like to use an odd number such as 23 minutes. Be sure to post as your page, not as yourself. If you post them to closely it could land you in FB Jail, which is no fun.

Invite your Host
(Your Friends in your VIP Group)

Now that your have done all your set up tasks invite your host to her party and make him or her a moderator... never ever make hosts an admin! But that's another blog...

For your VIP group, invite your friends, but not all at once, you don't want to end up in FB Jail.

FaceBook Business Suite

If you are using your smart phone for business, I highly recommend downloading the FaceBook Business Suite App.

Getting set up is easy, but keeping up with Facebook Changes is challenging at times. This is as of 1/28/2021. I will stop by and edit as FB changes.

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