#007 The Gumshoe Chronicles

Over my career I have been hired in positions new to a business, have been sought out to beta test new software (fun!), and cleaned up after a few 'Bad Belindas' and 'Toxic Thanas'. I have earned myself a rep for being a 'fixer - organizer'. Not glamorous but it keeps life interesting. One thing all those jobs have in common is detective work. A great piece of advice I got in my 20's from a new employer was...

Make sure you look around and open all the cupboards to see what is there, I'm too busy to be stopped to answer questions."

I took that to heart and from that day forward I go exploring at every new work environment. I have raised a few eyebrows but never a stern word.

I hired into one job after Toxic Thana abruptly left, leaving a wake of mayhem behind her. Holy cow! I couldn't find a thing on the first couple days, but after some snooping and heavy detective work we got things back on the right track. But that's another story.

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