#036 Ringie-Dingies: Erupting Telemarketer

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to telemarketers I do not engage. If they are polite say not thank you or we are not interested and hang up. If it is a recording I just hang up without saying anything. BUT if the person rude or try’s to tell me a bald face lie I get a little more creative.

In this case I received a call with no caller ID, the guy asked for Tim (the owner) I asked who was calling and he BELCHED in my ear then did not answer. It wasn't even a good one, it was girly. I asked again who was calling, he answered "Tim." Thinking he misunderstood me I asked again, he replied again, "Tim." I said "This is Tim calling for Tim?" He said yes. I asked what company he was from, then he replied with the name of OUR Company. I said "hold please" and put him on hold until he hung up. Dit ship.

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