WT😮 is a PDF & WT😁 is one in my PM!

Q: What is a PDF?

This is not the first time I have been asked this question, really! As a long time computer user I sometimes assume everyone knows what I know. Like when I'm at a party and forget to introduce friends to each other... After all, If I know you and I know YOU, you must know each other!

Before I typed this blog post, I googled "What is a PDF?" to see how many pages come up… it came up with about 4,040,000,000 results! Holy Cow!

PDF stands for "portable document format" in the same way that DOC stands for "Word Document". But I really don't think that is the answer my friends are looking for.

A: Basically, a PDF is a document file type that is used to save a typed document that needs to be easily shared electronically and cannot be modified.

Examples of PDFs

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